Letter to Lisa Macleod

Coming to terms with your party's carbon tax can be hard

  • While we know that facts still matter in Ontario, on CFRA 580 Ottawa, MPP Lisa MacLeod was caught spreading false information to Ontarians. 

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    MPP makes false claim about gas pricing

    Lisa MacLeod claimed: “I mean when you are looking at the price of gas skyrocketing overnight in the province of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne is not making it a more competitive province for us to attract and retain businesses.”

    Fact: This has already been refuted - “No, cap-and-trade is not causing gas prices to soar” – Ottawa Citizen on January 4, 2017.

    We have been upfront about the costs - Third Party Expert EnviroEconomics have estimated the cost of emissions per gasoline litre is 4.3 cents under our Action Plan. The cost of carbon associated with gasoline are borne by fuel distributers – how and if the costs are passed on to consumers is up to them. To be clear, this is the cost of consumption per litre which is measured based on the specific carbon emitted. This should not be associated with the fluctuating market price of crude oil, which is the primary driver of prices at the pump 

  • Off by 400%


    Lisa MacLeod claimed: “The approach that our party is discussing…is to make it revenue-neutral, meaning some prices will go up, but it will be offset for income taxes and relief somewhere down the line for families so it’s not going to be more difficult”

    Fact: Patrick Brown’s carbon tax would cost families four times more than the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan without guaranteeing any reductions. Third-party experts EnviroEconomics have confirmed this, showing Brown’s scheme would cost households up to $600 per year 

  • 4 times is 4 times

    Lisa MacLeod claimed: “…let’s talk about cap-and-trade and carbon taxes. Patrick Brown is talking about a revenue-neutral approach—Kathleen Wynne is not. Her, her, her approach is basically to tax everything, make all the prices go higher, and then send it in, effectively, to general revenues and, and suggest that she’s going to put it into environmental programming.”

    Fact: Last fall, the Federal Government announced its plan to fight climate change that will soon see the entire country covered by a carbon price. Within that framework, Ontario is moving forward with our Climate Change Action Plan because it guarantees emission reductions at the cheapest price possible for families and businesses, unlike Patrick Brown’s carbon tax scheme that would cost four times more without guaranteeing reductions. By law, the government must transparently reinvest every dollar collected, allowing us to support up to $1.9 billion a year in green projects that fight climate change – such as significant incentives towards the purchase of an electric vehicle and retrofitting homes and buildings to improve their energy efficiency.